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Our new series: Mark Prince on Competitive advantage

In 1985 Michael Porter wrote the seminal book Competitive Advantage that changed the business landscape.  Over 30 years on and the world has changed.

In this series of 12 recordings, business growth expert Mark Prince looks at what the concept of competitive advantage means now. 


Personal branding means positioning you (or a key member of your team) as the expert in your manufacturing niche. 

Establishing your company as the home of the expert builds authority and customer loyalty. If you think that personal branding is a load of mumbo-jumbo – then you’ve missed the entire expert revolution. 

DOWNLOAD OUR e-book: competitive advantage FOR MANUFACTURERS

Competitive advantage means gaining superiority over your competitors through a significant organisational difference which plays to your strengths. Traditionally, this was achieved either through offering lower prices or by providing better products and services; but times are changing and as manufacturers you need to stay ahead of the game.

Watch our video: Branding for Manufacturers

‘Branding’ doesn’t easily make it onto the agenda in a manufacturing company’s boardroom.  In this 20 minute video, David Pannell explains why the way your company presents itself is vital in the modern world, and how engineering and manufacturing companies can improve their branding, both online and off. 

Watch our video: Discussing Servitisation for Manufacturers

Servitisation is the biggest ‘big idea’ since just-in-time and lean manufacturing practices emerged in the 1980s. 

In this 15-minute video, David and Mark talk about what sevitisation is, and how you can gain a competitive advantage by creating a service-based business model.


LinkedIn is a brilliant tool, but only if it is used well and with clarity. Otherwise it’s at best a huge waste of time, and at worst can ruin what you want to achieve. Before you get going (or before you change what you have already started) read our e-book covering the 10 commandments of LinkedIn ensure you’re using it to your advantage.

Download our e-book: Servitisation for Manufacturers

Servitisation shifts the emphasis from equipment ownership and maintenance towards customers receiving outputs, outcomes, and long-term solutions.  Our 20-page guide explains the issues and opportunities surrounding servitisation and recommend the first practical
steps you can take.

Why manufacturers are failing to embrace disruptive business models

Manufacturers are currently missing the growth revolution.

The irony of course, is that manufacturers should be leading the charge. They are better placed than any to disrupt. They have the product at true cost with no intermediary margins and they understand the market. 

how a strong brand attracts not just customers but the best employees

When people consider  their branding and marketing, they look at it from the view of their customers. But it’s also potential employees who are coming to your website and deciding if you are the sort of company they want to build a career with.  Are you attracting the best and the brightest?

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