Taking bookings for August business clinics

Each month, we help two manufacturing companies take a clear and strategic look at their business.  We do this by measuring your company against what we call The Excellence Test – a list of 26 fundamental business attributes across six categories, distilled from extensive study of more than 50 high-growth companies that our team have either worked in, worked on, or interviewed substantially.

The Excellence Test is constructed to help leaders see the gaps in their approach and support them to develop positive moves forward.  For those that score badly against it, this can act as a real wake-up call and force you to really think about what you are doing and why.  For others, it provides a road map of what areas need addressing to take a company from mediocrity to brilliance.

This might be identifying new marketplaces, new business models, new funding opportunities, or even working on the core fundamentals of your business processes and the product you make.

So what looks like GOOD to you?

  • 20% annual sales growth is GOOD for a mature business.
  • Doubling sales annually for the first five years is GOOD for an early-years business.
  • Profit of 15% over sales is GOOD.
  • Profit per employee of £100K is GOOD. 
  • Growth that generates cash from day 1 is GOOD.

Once we know what your GOOD looks like, we can map out what needs to be done to make the GOOD things happen.

We only carry out two reviews a month – would your company benefit from being one of them?

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