Branding for Manufacturers

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If you are not winning the right type of work, or attracting new employees into your business, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your company’s brand.

‘Branding’ doesn’t easily make it onto the agenda in a manufacturing company’s boardroom.  In this 20 minute video, The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Manufacturing Ambassador David Pannell explains why the way your company presents itself is vital in the modern world, and how engineering and manufacturing companies can improve their branding, both online and off. 

how we can help
Addressing your branding – half a day with our experts

Spend half a day with David and his team to map out your company’s branding and how it can be improved both online and off. 

Remember, your brand is not just for your customers. The best and the brightest young engineers are also deciding if you’re the sort of company they want to start their career with.

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