Discussing Business exit for manufacturers

If you speak to a classic advisor or business broker they will sell you the dream, pushing images of you on your yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.  In this video we talk to our Chairman Mark Prince about how to actually create a successful and profitable business exit.

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Seizing the opportunity:
half a day with mark prince

Identify your specific opportunities for business exit and the route to finding your successful plan with the help of a half-day strategy session with our expert Mark Prince.

He will gather with your decision-makers to enable a strategic view of your business exit opportunities alongside how to create your bespoke (and profitable) business exit plan.

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Download: Business exit for manufacturers

Whether you’re wanting to create an exit plan just in case for your current company, you’re ready for exit now and want to get the ball rolling, or you have no plans to exit but know you should at least consider all options – this guide is for you.