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Competitive advantage means gaining superiority over your competitors through a significant organisational difference which plays to your strengths. The concept of competitive advantage was introduced by Michael Porter in the 1985 book of the same name.  It changed the business landscape but over 30 years later and the world has changed.

Traditionally, you achieved this advantage through offering lower prices or by providing better products and services; but times are changing and as manufacturers we need to embrace new thinking to thrive.

Seizing the serviced-based opportunity

Identify your specific opportunities to establish your competitive advantage and the route to finding them with the help of a half-day strategy session with our experts David Pannell and Mark Prince.

They will gather with your decision-makers to enable a strategic view of your competitive advantage opportunities alongside how it will promote business growth.  Click here to contact us.

Competitive Advantage in action Ginetta Cars

Ginetta Cars make high-performance racing cars that are right on the edge of the laws of what is allowed to be driven on UK roads, not just a race track. They are a small company based in Yorkshire competing with the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and so on. How one earth do they do that?

Competitive Advantage in action: Winnow waste

Winnow offers the hospitality industry a way of measuring and eliminating waste that counters the traditional input / output calculations that were so inaccurate as to create massive loss of profits.  How have they done that?

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Servitisation shifts the emphasis from equipment ownership and maintenance towards customers paying for output, outcomes, and long-term solutions.  Our 20-page guide explains the issues and opportunities surrounding servitisation and recommends the first practical
steps you can take.

series: Mark Prince on Competitive advantage

In 1985 Michael Porter wrote the seminal book Competitive Advantage that changed the business landscape.  Over 30 years on and the world has changed.

In this series of 12 recordings, business growth expert Mark Prince looks at what the concept of competitive advantage means now. 

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