Mark Prince on Competitive advantage

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In 1985 Michael Porter wrote the seminal business book Competitive Advantage.  It changed the business landscape and many company leaders and business courses still refer to it today.  But over 30 years later the world has moved on and we have to move on from the concepts presented in the book too.  In 1985 the most valuable company was Exxon with 90 billion dollars of sales a year.  Today, it’s Apple with 900 billion dollars sales.

In this series of 12 short recordings, business growth expert Mark Prince looks at what the concept of competitive advantage means now.  In fast-growth marketplaces when products and services can go global from day one, what can businesses do to achieve exceptional growth today?

More episodes:

01 How competitive advantage has changed since Micheal Porter’s time.

02 How well you know your customer will define your future success.

03 Why the most successful companies are the ones who have a cause.

04 Why it takes courage to make the necessary changes in your business.

05 What competitor analysis means today.

06 How industry evolution has changed since Michael Porter’s day.

07 Today, almost any industry can be fragmented.

08 How to choose which new markets you should enter.

09 Transitioning to maturity takes a different skill set.

10 A return to vertical integration? 

11 As a manufacturer today you need to focus on building your capability over capacity.

12 The playbook for entering new areas of business has been distilled down to an easy mantra.

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