Episode 09
Is The Excellence Test evolving?

In this video, Mark talks about how the Excellence Test has evolved and Lisa asks if we always use the Excellence Test when working with a company.

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Episode 1: What is the Excellence Test and what benefits will a company get from completing it?

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Episode 3: What does completing the test do for a company – and is it for everyone?

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Episode 6: Is the test something you complete just once and what would you expect to see as the Test is repeated?

Episode 7: Can a company complete the test on your own?

Episode 8: How does the Excellence Test fit with other work Nucroft have done?

Episode 9: Is The Excellence Test evolving, and do we always use the test when working with a company?

Episode 10: What does the mantra “Do good things and good things happen” actually mean?

The Excellence Test is our 26 stage business review covering 6 categories. The contents have been distilled from extensive study of more than 50 high-growth companies that our team have either worked in, worked on, or interviewed substantially.

It’s a tool that allows us to fully evaluate if the competencies for high growth exist within a business.  It will challenge you; it may completely change your view of what business you are in.

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