The Excellence Test primer:

This is not The Excellence Test, but it will give you and your management team a flavour of what to expect.

The Excellence Test is our 26 stage business review, distilled from extensive study of more than 50 high-growth companies that our team have either worked in, worked on, or interviewed substantially. Although many of the high-growth strategies we draw on originated from outside the manufacturing sector, they have all proven to be transferable to the world of making things.

The Excellence Test is carried out in a half day session with your management team and our experts, and allows us to fully evaluate if the competencies for high growth exist within a business.  Before we implement the test we will have already carried out initial research into your business, your aspirations for growth and your marketplace.  It WILL challenge you; it MAY completely change your view of what business you are in.

If you want to find out if the process will work for you, start by answering 6 primer questions in the form below:

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The first section of The Excellence Test interrogates your company over four key characteristics about your ability to solve a customers' problem and deliver a true point of difference. This section allows us to allocate 4 points out of the final total of 26.


The second section of The Excellence Test collects data about 8 assets that your company must have in place to ensure growth. From your brand through to your systems, data and finance. This section allows us to allocate 8 points out of the final total of 26.


The third section of review dissects how well your company is able to publish its message and makes sure you have the right team, pitch and product in place to do this. This section allows us to allocate 5 points out of the final total of 26.


You will have already spent a long time agonising over price, but in this fourth section we look at how the value of the ecosystem a company creates is more important than the price of any individual product. This section allows us to allocate 6 points out of the final total of 26.


Recurring revenue, or income that is generated from sales you have already made, is a very important part of creating sustainable growth. This section allows us to allocate 1 point out of the final total of 26.


Your philosophy and company culture will dictate if you will be wildly successful or forever mediocre. In this final section we will investigate where your organisation's culture stems from and test how strong your company's philosophy is. This section allows us to allocate 2 points out of the final total of 26.

Completing The Excellence Test session will give your company a final score out of 26. This allows our experts to work with your management team to define what 'GOOD' looks like for your business and map a route to high-growth.

  • 20% annual sales growth is GOOD for a mature business.
  • Doubling sales annually for the first five years is GOOD for an early-years business.
  • Profit of 15% over sales is GOOD.
  • Profit per employee of £100K is GOOD.
  • Growth that generates cash from day 1 is GOOD.
Average is not GOOD. Surviving or getting by is not GOOD.

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We look forward to reading your answers to the primer questions! One of our experts will reply to you shortly with our initial opinion about whether taking the full Excellence Test would be appropriate for your company.

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