High growth for manufacturers SEMINAR

Transforming Manufacturers into the elite of UK business


UK productivity is 10% lower than Italy, 22% lower than the US and 23% lower than France

That above statement really irks me. This productivity gap is not going to be fixed by the Government, it’s down to leaders like you and me to create elite high-growth companies.  My name is Mark Prince and I’ve run £100m+ global businesses, spent over 20 years working in high-growth consultancy and am also a Visiting Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Strategy for Lancaster University (ranked number one in the world for corporate strategy by the Financial Times).

This is your chance to spend a day with me in a small group where I will show you how you can take the high-growth strategies that are usually only seen in tech businesses, the finance industry or the world’s largest manufacturing organisations and apply them to your SME manufacturing company.  

All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and an open mind to engage.  It’s not how hard you work that brings success, it’s what you do that matters:  Do good things and good things will happen.

Mark Prince


What will you take away from the day?

You will leave with three fully-formed programmes for success and the opportunity for a follow-up one-to-one talk with Mark about the issues you face in your business.  This is an interactive seminar where you will be challenged on your core assumptions and beliefs about your organisation, your business model and how well you think you know your customers.

Competitive advantage has changed

In the world of business you can no longer work to five year plans, you can no longer 'win' by cutting costs or making the same product as your competitor 'better'.

Define your point of difference

No company ever became successful without a core point of difference. This isn't having a better product - it's something truly unique that your target clients care about.

Study from the best in your class

Learn how to identify the companies in your industry who are truly generating high-growth and how you can either copy from them, or attack them where they can't defend.

Do good things and good things will happen

The average manufacturer doesn't move forward because the choices are too difficult or confusing. But success comes from what you choose to do, not how hard you work.


About Mark Prince & Nucroft​

You could refer to Mark Prince as an advisor, a consultant, a supporter, a mentor, a non-executive Director, an investor, or indeed any of those things – and you’d be right.

Whatever the description, Mark is an experienced executive with 30 years of global corporate leadership under his belt.  Mark delights in the game of business and seeing committed entrepreneurs grow their companies.  Don’t expect Mark to hide his thoughts or opinions though.  His approach to strategy development and deployment has its roots in the success stories of large, global companies, and his practical application of these strategies has been proven to work over and again in the smaller business environment. 

We will also be joined by Nucroft’s director (and the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Manufacturing Ambassador) David Pannell. Nucroft transform how manufacturing companies engage their marketplace from introducing you to innovative new business strategies to grow your business to transforming your branding and marketing communications.