When we talk about branding, we always talk about making a good first impression with customers.

We know that people make their mind up on whether they trust and would use a potential customer within 3 seconds of loading up their website – but that isn’t just customers, it’s suppliers, investors, and most importantly potential employees.

If an employee is responding to a job listing, or a post someone has shared on LinkedIn then they first thing they are going to do is go to your website to make a decision on if your’re the kind of company that they want to build a career with.

We all know that we have a skills-gap in the industry, and young engineers are looking to join the forward-looking companies, not some old out-dated business.  They are going to make an opinion on if they are going to send you a CV based on what they find on your website and the brand your company has built.

This is why it’s so important that your company makes a strong first impression online. When it comes to that first impression, strong effective branding is the only way for you to convey who your company is and what you do.  So if you’re not attracting the right kind of applicants then it’s another reason to get your company’s branding onto the agenda in the boardroom.

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