Lisa is our General Manager and marketing communications expert with 15 years' experience of working client-side in industrial organisations.

I spent the first half of my career sitting where you are now – working within large industrial organisations helping them communicate complicated products and services in an engaging way.

My unique experience means I understand your pain!

Manufacturing comes with its own cultural challenges and before you can communicate well with your customers you first need to engage your own team.  It’s possible that you just need an injection of enthusiasm which can only be born from a fresh pair of eyes.

Or you might need a helping hand to allow your business and team to rediscover its own passion and ability for true innovation.  Whatever your unique situation and requirements, I am here to support you in your journey to be the thriving, modern and profitable business you know that you can be.

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Challenge me on your communications programmes, from engaging your marketplace to communicating with your workforce.

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