Mark Prince is our Chairman and has had a huge impact on our own growth and success. A business strategy expert with a true passion to help companies overcome their biggest obstacles; Mark helped us grow and he also works with a select number of our customers to lead them to exceptional growth too.

You could refer to me as an advisor, a consultant, a supporter, a mentor, a non executive Director or an investor, or indeed any of those things, and you’d be right. The approach changes depending on the circumstances of the business and the management team I am working with.

However, whatever the description, I am an experienced executive with 30 years of global corporate leadership under my belt. I am an enthusiast who delights in the game of business and seeing committed entrepreneurs grow their companies.

I don’t hide my thoughts or my opinions though. My approach of strategy development and deployment has its roots in the success stories of large, global companies, but my unique and practical application of these strategies has been proven to work over and again in the smaller business environment.

I am also a Visiting Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Strategy for Lancaster University – ranked number one in the world for corporate strategy by the Financial Times.

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