service-based business models for Manufacturers

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  • The issues and opportunities surrounding service-based business models
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  • The first practical steps you can take towards introducing a service-based business model to your manufacturing business

Service-based business models shift the emphasis from equipment ownership and maintenance towards customers paying for output, outcomes, and long-term solutions.

Traditionally, having a business model that generates regular ongoing income was something that either only tech businesses or the largest manufacturing companies enjoyed.  Now regular manufacturers are catching up.

developing A service-based business model means...

  • Instead of only offering traditional products which provide you with a one-off purchase value, you also offer service-based products
  • Offering service-based products means that you gain a healthy regular income without having to worry about how to make that next product-only sale
  • Providing services to your customer base not only increases your revenue but also builds a strong trust-based relationship with them – this means further opportunities for product or service-based sales with them in the future

Seizing the serviced-based opportunity

Identify your specific opportunities for servitisation and the route to finding them with the help of a half-day strategy session with our experts.  Click here to contact us.

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In this 15-minute video, we explain how service-based business models shift the emphasis from equipment ownership and maintenance towards customers paying for output, and how you can gain a competitive advantage by embracing ‘servitisation’.

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Competitive advantage means gaining superiority over your competitors through a significant organisational difference which plays to your strengths. Traditionally, this was achieved either through offering lower prices or by providing better products and services; but times are changing and as manufacturers you need to stay ahead of the game.

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