how we can work with your business

Every company we work with is unique, with its own unique challenges. Where we help is transforming these challenges from obstacles into opportunities.  We engage with every company in a different tailored way depending on what help you need and what your goals and challenges are:

Strategy Creation & business reviews

What does ‘good’ look like for your business? 20% annual sales growth is good for a mature business. Profit of 15% over sales is good. Average is not good. Surviving or getting by is not good.  We will challenge you on your business, we can introduce you to new ideas and business models to map out the right strategy to achieve your goals.

Transformational projects

Transforming a manufacturing company usually requires the injection of enthusiasm which can only be born from a fresh pair of eyes, allowing your team to rediscover its own passion and ability for true innovation.  We will provide that drumbeat and accountability to take your company to the next level.

non-exec director and ongoing support

Retain a wealth of experience that you can call on for important business decisions when you need to, or have access to an experienced executive with 30 years of global corporate leadership to use as a sounding board.

Business exit

Whether you’re wanting to plan your exit for the future or you’re ready for exit now and want to get the ball rolling, we have worked with a range of industrial companies to create a profitable and successful business exit.

Branding and marketing support

Your brand is one of your company’s biggest assets.  We will revolutionise your brand and marketing, transforming how you communicate with your marketplace.  We will introduce you to new marketing strategies and help you implement modern digital marketing techniques.

Corporate culture & change management

Delivering a successful change project requires successful staff engagement.  We will help you engage your team from the production floor through to your management team to build a growth culture throughout the business.

Industrial trade show support

In this digital age your trade show strategy must change. You may engage with a couple of hundred of people at the event but if you leverage the right digital strategy then thousands of people can see your message on the back of the show.

Introducing new technologies

There is a growing gulf between the companies who are embracing the new tool of manufacturing and the companies who are not.  We can introduce you to new technologies and identify funding to give you a competitive advantage.

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