Trade shows for Manufacturers

How to leverage your next trade show to increase physical and digital footfall

In this digital age your trade show strategy must change. You may engage with a couple of hundred of people at the event but if you leverage the right digital strategy then thousands of people can see your message on the back of the show. It’s now no longer enough to just tell your contacts you are going to be at the exhibition; if they aren’t attending the trade show, then you need to bring the trade show to them!

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Your trade show ROI is about capturing details of people with legitimate future interest, not about taking orders

how do you leverage your trade show in the digital age?

A trade show is a place where you can first make contact with people who have a general interest in what you do. But remember, the reason that potential customer engaged with you on that day was because that’s when the trade show was, not because they were ready to buy.

For example, how often have you traced back a sale and discovered you first met the customer at a trade show several months or even years earlier?  To then extend your thoughts about this: how many other people did you meet on the same day that expressed an initial interest but you didn’t keep in contact with?

This is why your show strategy has to change. The return on investment should not be how many orders you take at the event, but how many people with a legitimate future interest you capture and put into the top of your marketing funnel.  And here’s the key take away: these people don’t even need to be at the event!

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